2200 Bale Hiker

The 2200 Bale Hiker moves round bales with speed and reliability. It stands up to the toughest conditions and engineered to handle the heaviest bales in any terrain.


Commercial Grade

Whether its crop residue, silage or hay, if you bale it, the 2200 Bale Hiker can pick it.

  • Dual Walking Axles

    The dual walking axles keep all eight of the high floatation 16.5L x 16.1 FI tires in contact with the ground at all times for a smoother ride over soft fields and irrigation pivot tracks.

  • Truss Frame

    The heavy-duty undercarriage and reinforced truss frame are built to stand up to the needs of the commercial bale-picking operator.

Gentle Operation

The 2200 Bale Hiker is the ideal round bale carrier when picking net-wrapped bales.

  • Smooth Bed and Push Bars

    The smooth bed protects net-wrap from tears making it gentler than any other round bale carrier. Each push bar is operated with a double #80 roller chain that is completely covered under the bed and protected from falling dirt and debris. The push bars travel the full length of the bed, ensuring stacks are tight and neat. This helps prevent moisture getting between the bales.

  • Heavy-duty Bale Fork

    The adjustable heavy-duty fork lifts the large round bales while the dual hydraulic cylinders provide smooth fork operation and full control when picking.

  • Bale Turners

    Bale turners on the inside and outside of the fork allow bales to be picked in any direction. The bale deflector gently rolls the bale onto the bed frame. The push bar effortlessly moves bales along the smooth bed surface.

  • Full Load Indicator

    The full load indicator on the 2200 Bale Hiker signals the operator when the Bale Hiker has reached its maximum capacity.

  • Adjustable Bale Divider

    The adjustable bale divider has twelve positions to suit any preference to place space between the rows of bales.

Safety and Performance

  • Safe Transport

    The 2200 Bale Hiker is exceptionally well balanced to ensure safety and stability in transport. Safety lighting makes it clearly visible to oncoming or rear traffic.

  • High Capacity Motors

    Two high capacity orbit motors (one on each push bar) features built in pressure reliefs to ensure reliability.

  • Side Rails

    The side rails can be easily adjusted to suit, 4’, 5’ or 6’ diameter bales. The rear side rails can be replaced quickly and easily if damaged in the yard.