Bale Titan RXR

The Bale Titan RXR is a premium bale stacker that maximizes bale picking, while minimizing downtime, compaction and labor requirements.

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  • Rolling Rack Design

    Speeds up picking and stabilizes loading

  • Versatility

    Pick bales of any material, any moisture level and any size including bundles of small square bales (3’x3’, 3’x4’, 4’x4’, bundled bales)

  • Quick Loading

    Bales can be picked in any orientation and loads two bales per cycle


  • Proprietary Design

    Proprietary manufacturing methods using precise laser welding create stronger joints ensuring a long life

  • Stronger Frame

    Large 4”x8” tubular steel frame supports an increased maximum load weight and allows for picking heavier bales

  • Smooth Operation

    Large 600/50R22.5 flotation tires and longer tandem axles ensure a smooth ride across the field or while in transport mode while minimizing soil compaction

Ease of Use

  • Joystick and Optional Raven CR7

    Allows use of existing tractor monitor (optional display monitor available)

  • Auto-grease

    An automatic greasing system make maintenance easy

  • Offset Hitch

    Enables easier picking and stacking of bales